Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We got ourselves a farm

Two weeks ago today we were looking at a property in Hampton SC. We were going more out of respect to the family that wanted to show us the place, because South Carolina was not on our list of desirable places to settle down and start a farm. We'd just gotten back from our month of research and development and we were narrowing our choices  down to VA and IA. Neither VA or IA opened up to us, despite our major attempts to network and find a place.
So, there we were looking at an abandoned old family farm. It had two houses (one of which is a hundred year old farmhouse), tons of outbuildings, pump wells, sheds, old school buses and more. Every storage facility on the property (including the houses) are full of stuff. Some of it useful, some of it rare, some of it junk, but all of it just sort of sitting there begging for some TLC.
Now, its ours. We agreed to lease the place, including the houses, outbuildings and 40 acres attached to it all. Are we crazy?? Are we out of our minds??? Do we have our work cut out for us???
It's a project to say the least, but we are incredibly thankful, that after a month of shut doorsdisappointments, and bleak opportunities: we've found our place.
We've deemed it Urbanna Farm, after the family's Aunt Urbanna who lived there all 93 years of her life. It's a gem in the rough and we're ready.

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  1. I have faith in you and Andy. Take your time and make it yours. You both have the strength and tenacity to make it work.