Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the farm's namesake

 Urbanna Farm, which we named after Lennis Urbanna Gay who was born and raised on the property and the last 'caretaker' of the place at 93 years old, has a ton of potential and charm, but we certainly have to look past the obvious obstacles. The obvious obstacles being: getting the property cleaned up and raising capital for farm supplies (seeds, irrigation, tools).
 Aunt Urbanna (not our aunt, but somebody's aunt) grew up during the depression thus resulting in her becoming a hoarder. I'm talking STUFF!!! The 100 year old farm house and the 3 bed, 2 bath, 4.5 porch mobile home, 5 school buses, and dozens of other sheds and outbuildings are full of STUFF!!!
 Aunt Urbanna was in her 70's when she got married for the first time and she and her husband put a mobile home on the property next to the farmhouse. The mobile home will be our home, but right now it needs to be cleared out, cleaned, and painted. Boxes and Boxes and Boxes and Boxes and Boxes full of STUFF!!!



  1. There are bound to be come great finds in all that STUFF and the makings of a huge yard sale to raise capital for your farm supplies!

  2. Oh my goodness, Melissa! I don't know if you'd be willing... but if you find anymore old windows, I'd be happy to try to arrange something with you! I'm way into photography and I've been thinking about old windows in the frames for photos... it sounds like you might have some of those! If you have anything that looks of value, I would get it appraised. You might be able to sell some of the bigger pieces on Ebay for $$ to help with your farm. :)