Friday, April 29, 2011

Local Honey and Big Dreams

"Local honey and Big Dreams" <--- that was the title of an email that Andy recently sent out to an entrepreneur friend of ours and I thought it was perfectly fitting for our lives right now. Andy is out in the field harvesting spinach, radishes, and turnips for the market tomorrow. Don and Susan (owners of Brant Family Farm, where Andy and I currently live and work) are at a market now and Elijah is trying to nap on the sofa. It's not easy for our little seven week old bundle of boy to fall asleep all by himself.
We have been praying and hoping and praying for some opportunities to start our own farm. We still have a commitment to fulfill here in South Carolina and it has been an extraordinary season so far. We can't help but to think about the future though. Especially, since we have no idea what's next. We have been married for less than a year and this is our third home so far. God is simply reminding us to rely on Him and not our own understanding as we continue to walk by faith.

Brant Family Farm is amazing. Don and Susan have worked hard here and we are blessed to be able to live and work alongside them. We learn so much every day and we know that God led us here. This morning, as  I walked around the pond, I couldn't help but realize just how peaceful it is on these 186 acres. We are still hoping to have a sustainable children's home someday or to at the very least, be able to sponsor one somewhere. We'll see what happens with local honey and big dreams.

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