Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby Chicks, Baby Boy & and Baby Blog

Sitting at our kitchen table, while 2 &1/2 week old Elijah naps in the picture window, I begin The Blog. Needing a creative outlet and desiring to share our family adventures, blogging seemed to be the most tangible way to accomplish such a hope. Andy picked some flowers to grace the tiny countertop, during his lunchbreak and the dishes are clean, which makes me think that all is well.
We've been living and working at Brant Family Farm in South Carolina for almost two months now. Andy started on Feb. 1st. We left his previous job, our apartment, and our friends with a hope and a prayer (or hundreds) to move to an area completely foreign to us. Savannah is not far away, but we committed to live and work here in Grays, South Carolina for a 6 month period, while I was 7 months pregnant and without even a knowing what we'd be living in or how we'd manage on a 50% paycut, because we knew that God arranged it all for us.
We'd been praying for months for an opportunity and despite many shut doors, we believed that God gave us the desire to work the land, feed the hungry, and take care of the orphans and widows. We had a goal and decided that if we were not on a farm by June 2011, then we would look for a house to buy in Savannah. God moved us to a farm in Feb. after introducing us to Don and Susan Brant through the pastor of our church. It's unbelievable how everything worked out and I certainly don't want to forget that God made a way for us to be here and he is going to continue to guide our steps, even though we don't know where we will be living in four months from now.
Elijah is sleeping peacefully.
Andy is at the garden, probably planting one of hundreds of tomato plants.
It's been a busy season. So much work to do.
There are 60 baby chickens in a little shed outside. They will be laying incredible, edible eggs in a few months. They have quadrupled their size twice now. Andy and I are going to meet a family on Tuesday that has goats. We will probably be getting a milk goat soon and hope to expand our business ventures.
We are even looking into some designs for labels/ business cards for the honey supply that we sell. It's feeling more and more official as we realize that it's fun to sell honey from the back of our truck, but if we have a legitimate business, we need to "render to Ceasar that which is Ceasar's" or "pay the man" or get licensed and move forward, so that more opportunities may present themselves... We don't want to short change ourselves. We want to grow. We believe God is going to do something huge. We want to be part of it. So, while the world may wonder why we left our things in Savannah in order to move into a 30ft camper on a farm with strangers in South Carolina, we know that we are following God's direction for our lives and we love it!


  1. Wonderful first blog, Missy. Everything stated so well. When you follow your heart, your head finds a way to make everything work...and your heart is where God is to lead you.
    We love you all and can't wait to come see your new adventure... whatever I can do to help you know I'm here for you.
    Love you, Aunt Jodi

  2. Great Idea Melissa! This has helped answer many a questions I had after viewing your facebook photos. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing life with us! You are truly blessed! PS. we (I) blog too!