Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hen & Chicks Delight!

On Sunday night I was going to move the chicken feeder out of the woods, because I spotted a raccoon. I stopped next to the woodpile, because I heard clucking...
Susan came out to lift up the tarp, while I held the flashlight and we discovered this little lady. We'd been counting 42 chickens for at least a month now and never could figure out where #43 was hiding...

Andy picked her up and to our surprise... CHICKS!!!!!!
We'd been trying to figure out when and where to hatch out chicks for weeks now and God was taking care of it right under our nose this entire time!
We decided to move mama and babies to protect them from predators (cats, raccoons, snakes, fire ants,etc)

Transporting eggs to the "safe house" one little chick is on it's way out (it hatched out the following day)...

Can you see the little biddie peeking out?
She's got quite a few under there!

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